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When Your Baby Restless Sleep : allaboutbaby2011.blogspot.com


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We will discuss tips on what should be done by parents to child is not difficult to sleep. Because when the toddler could not sleep, probably the child will be cranky and of course, reduced downtime.

Here are some tips or tips you can do:

1. Said a prayer

We recommend that parents begin to teach and build an atmosphere of calm for the child by saying prayers each will / after activity. Included is also a prayer before bed, so that the child become accustomed from childhood and later create a sense of comfort when sleeping.

2. Discipline time

By guiding the child to perform disciplined sleep schedule would enhance the child to sleep. Some things to do is turn off the television or radio, dim the lights, and guide your child to go to bed when bedtime.

3. Subtract the portion nap

With too many naps, the child can make it difficult to sleep the night so that the child's future can not sleep and sleep according to the schedule impact on the next day, like getting up late and sleep patterns become chaotic. Although napping is also beneficial for children nap but limit does not exceed 2 hours.

4. Creating a pleasant sleep

Parents can make the child feel happy when bedtime, for example allowing the child to sing her favorite song or tell you about its activities throughout the day. Or even took her favorite toy go to sleep with him like toy cars, dolls, and others.

5. Own room

If the conditions / circumstances allow, the child should get my own room or bed itself. This can encourage the child to be more independent of the dependence of their parents. Such as learning to face their fears or their parents when they wanted to wake up to urinate, and others. In addition, useful to facilitate when it set the pattern of sleep, such as familiarize the child must be in his room at certain hours to sleep.

That's five points to anticipate that your child is not difficult to sleep. What about your experience? please be added via the comment section below.

Tips To Train Children To Be Brave And Independent :allaboutbaby2011.blogspot.com


As we know the many benefits if we are brave and independent child (read the previous article), and how to keep the child but the courage and self-reliant? in this paper we try to discuss tips to train children brave and independent. We need to understand that in order to train the bold and independent it should be run simultaneously, and parents as coaches should be aware also that it was not instant, requires a process and time. Now what to do to train it;

1.  Cultivate the "basic trust"

Every baby is actually already have a basic trust, but when he was a toddler that a parent should give a positive response to the needs of the child. This can increase the feeling of "trust" of the infants and toddlers will feel safe also in life. Well, feeling safe / secure, toddlers will be more courageous in facing the challenges before him. Self will also be formed as well as completing the problem.

2.  Give "responsibility" or belief in children

When we see / feel your child doing something that we think he can do, should we give him a chance to do it yourself. For example when he finished eating and want to put a plate in the sink, we can give him that opportunity and do not forbid it if we feel he's capable of and do not be too worried as well (eg, fear of rupture because it was expensive). Provide an opportunity and trust to him like that can make children brave and independent as well.

3.  Instantiate

Children will always follow the example, this also applies when we want our children brave and independent. If parents have such a closed personality does not like doing new things, afraid to face the challenge should not expect too much by having babies grow courageous and independent personality. Suppose we want children to learn to swim while the parents of his own fear into the water, this is certainly something that will produce maximum. By giving a concrete example to the child, the child will understand and the easier he is to imitate it. But if parents do not or could not give a concrete example to your child, you should not show "fear" to the child, either directly or indirectly.

4.  Do not force

Everything we do to train the courage and independence of children and the process takes time, it can develop slowly, so do we force the child to master everything that is taught on the spot. For example to train children to always wake up immediately shower, do not force your child to master that moment that, take a few days until smooth. Parents are always accompanied by and remind the child to do the right thing is. But keep in mind that not too often / hard to criticize the child because it would make the guts / courage of the child will go down / down.

5.  Do not overload

Keep in mind that the steps that can be passed by the child is growing gradually, so that the stimulus given to the child should be well adapted to the development of the child. If too much stimulus will make the child confused and will lose the courage to do something.

6. Setting appropriate boundaries with

We still have to impose limits what can be done by our children, but the ban is given it must be accompanied by a logical reason. For example when the child is practicing his bravery by playing on the terrace outside the home, parents should not frighten the children with things that are not understandable / logical by the child, for example, says ghost's child will be harassed or bitten by a dog, and so on. Fear will be captured by the brain as the true reality and the child will not dare come out from the terrace of his house, will eventually affect her courage and independence.

Helps Baby Sleep - Tips For Your Baby : allaboutbaby2011.blogspot.com

Helps Baby Sleep - Tips For Your Baby
Sleeping soundly is very important for growing children. Because, during sleep the brain growth in infants (babies under five years) reached its peak. The brain also consolidate all the memory and new knowledge. Not only that, muscles, skin, and blood vessels jatung system, metabolism, and bone experienced rapid growth during sleep. That is because the toddler's body produces growth hormone three times more than when he awoke.


Here are some tips to help your baby sleep soundly:

* Make sure the room is quite light, but not too bright. Thus the atmosphere of the room will feel warmer.
* To be fast asleep, the baby move in rhythm. For example rocked or patted her bottom gently.
* Accompanied sleeping baby with the sounds so that the atmosphere is like in the womb. For example, the sound of music on tape or toy.

Tips for Diaper Rash - Baby and Child : allaboutbaby2011.blogspot.com


Diaper rash occurs because of friction between the skin of baby diapers are still very delicate and sensitive. If she wore diapers so her skin will automatically be closed, the result becomes moist. Excessive moisture that causes diaper rash.

Here are tips you can use:

* Change diapers your baby as soon as possible if it is dirty.
* Wipe and dry the baby's bottom every soon we change her diaper. Use warm water and cotton wool to clean up his ass.
* Apply cream every nappy we change her diaper.
* Every now and then let your child is not wearing diapers.
* Replace brand of baby diapers, maybe he's allergic to certain kinds of diapers.

Stress Inhibits Brain Growth in Infants - Tips Baby and Child

Stress Inhibits Brain Growth in Infants - Tips Baby and Child
When the baby is experiencing stress, the brain will respond by secreting a hormone called cortisol. Very high cortisol levels can delay the baby's brain development. Therefore keep your baby from the atmosphere that can inflict distressed.

In adults when the hormone is rising continuously, it can automatically lead to high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, reduced immune function, as well as other problems.
On the other hand, the brain will grow well in a happy mood and when confronted with new information. Therefore, introducing new things to your baby will be very beneficial for brain development.

Light activity such as taking your baby to the library or grocery store alone can help your baby's brain develop properly.

Choosing a Toothbrush - Tips Baby and Child

Choosing a Toothbrush - Tips Baby and Child
BRUSH your teeth for the little guy is clearly different with a toothbrush for adults. Brush your teeth for the little guy has different characteristics with adult toothbrush. Mistakes choosing a toothbrush for your child can cause gums hurt or cause pain when brushing his teeth.

Here are tips on choosing a toothbrush for your child:

* Choose a fluffy brush with a small head so it can enter into the mouth of the little guy.
* Find the end rounded bristles so as not to scratch the gums.
* Choose a toothbrush with a steady grip handle so you can stay to help your child develop motor skills.
* Always keep a spare toothbrush.
* Replace toothbrushes little if any signs of damage. For example, the brush bristles are not uniform.
* Replace the toothbrush as soon as he recovered from illness. Old toothbrush may leave germs.

Accompanying Wife Birth - Tips

Accompanying Wife Birth - Tips

TURN is not only an anxious wife and panic just before the birth of the baby. Prospective husbands or fathers also experience fear and anxiety facing the birth process. A natural thing so no need to feel weird, here are tips on how to prepare themselves to accompany his wife in childbirth:

* When you try before delivery was not an assignment out of town.
* Make sure your HP is always on guard and not to run out the battery, so that if at any time you need can be contacted immediately.
* Estimate the time required to reach the hospital is selected as the place of birth.
* Look for alternative ways to keep watch on the day if the main road traffic, flooding or closed for a particular purpose.
* Involve yourself to make a birth plan with your obstetrician and your wife.
* If you do not attend coordination with family, friends who will accompany your wife.
* If your child is born, ask the nurses to teach basic things about caring for babies.

6 Risk Cesarean Birth (baby) - Tips

6 Risk Cesarean Birth (baby) - Tips
If a baby can be born naturally, why should cesarean ? Apparently, babies born at risk of cesarean delivery over a variety of health problems than babies born to normal. What are the disorders that? Dr.Erick Francisco Kan, M. Med, Sp.A of Siloam Hospital Karawaci disclose it.

1. Respiratory disorders

TTNB (transient tachypnea of ​​the New Born) is a respiratory disorder that most often occurs in babies fault feared. This disorder occurs due to fluid that meets the fetal lungs while in utero do not remember the baby's fault compressed live "thank so". In fact, the process of vaginal delivery through the birth canal is what allows the fluid which meets during the fetal lungs are pumped up out of the womb.

In addition, the compression process also occurs due to periodic contractions of the mother's womb. The contractions are getting stronger in the long run this will suppress the baby's body, so the automatic fluid in his lungs come out. Well, the baby's fault, both the compression process did not happen perfectly.
2. The low immune system

Evidance based data base does not yet exist. But in the process of normal labor, the baby move from the almost sterile uterus to the outside environment through a process that lasts longer and involves contraction for hours. At birth too, the baby's mouth is not closed so many germs that enter into the mouth, even to the digestion. Impact, the baby has a natural contact with the microbial floral in her mother's birth canal and then colonize the gut. It is very influential in the development and maturation of their immune system.

3. Prone to allergies

Both of the conditions of "dirty" in the birth canal that does not pass the baby born by cesarean, or delays in breastfeeding as soon as possible, making the risk of allergies in infants to be higher. Not to mention exposure to antibiotics is usually given to infants as a step fault in case of possible infection, it also increases the risk of allergies.
4. Emotions tend to be brittle

Although not yet proven through scientific research, the psychological condition of suspected cesarean babies tend to be more fragile than babies born normally. In fact, infants of normal birth is faced with the uncomfortable condition in which he must pass through the birth canal is narrow and winding with intense pressure due to contraction of the uterus. The struggle is what is believed to be mentally train your child early on. Perhaps this factor contributes to the distinctive personality of the child later.

However, given parents' parenting and how the environment influences proved to be more involved if a person gives the color more resilient or not when faced with life's stresses.
5. Anesthesia affected

This condition may occur. Therefore, the team of doctors consisting of a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrician, and anesthesiologist should count as carefully as possible so that the effect of anesthesia in infants minimum. To that end, general anesthesia is used is a low dose spinal anesthesia. The use of general anesthesia makes babies look a bit sleepy because it was issued while still under the influence of anesthesia.
6. Minimal chance of IMD

Cesarean babies have less chance to undergo IMD alias early initiation of breastfeeding. This is because the baby's condition cesarean birth is different from the normal condition that can be directly attached to its mother's breast with a reflex that is strong enough to reach the mother's breast. While the cesarean delivery, it can not be done because the baby is usually fitted with a direct infusion and an oxygen tube to help breathing. The mother, were generally still in a state of "intoxicated" under the influence of anesthetic drugs.